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Grooming the Cocker Spaniel

There is nothing more beautiful than a well groomed Cocker spaniel!

There is a considerable difference between the we groom for show & the way we would groom for a Pet Clip, but some things are done the same way REGARDLESS of the rest of the trim.

The ears and head can be made to look "correct" to breed profile even if the rest of the dogs is shaved close in a Pet Clip.

The directions on the next pages will help you place your lines and get the profile correct.

There are pictures and explanations galore!

Before diving right in to groom your English Cocker in a show trim, it's good idea to watch and learn from an experienced groomer or exhibitor, who would probably be more than willing to share his or her expertise with you. Closely examine pictures of show winners so that you can visualise the finished outline you hope to achieve. Know the standard and understand the extent of grooming and trimming that is allowed in the ring.

Show Trim

By keeping your pet in either of these types of trims, with regular bathing monthly use of "Advantage or Frontline for fleas, weekly cleaning of ears and regular trimming of nails, your pet and/or show dog will be easy to maintain.

Please remember this has been set up as a guideline to help the newbies & some members with the basic guidelines for preparing for a "Show Trim" .

There will be some breeders/exhibitors who have strong views on how to strip out a back many still prefer to "Hand Pluck" some will have strong views on various tools suggested.  Experiment with what works best for you to achieve the look you want, it is all a learning experience that takes time to master.

Tools of the Trade

You will need:


Clipper with # 10 blade


Mars Coat King size 20


Mars or Mikki stripping tool


 Bristle brush


Slicker brush


Fine and wide-toothed comb


Nail clippers


Straight scissors


Thinning scissors


Grooming sponge


Latex glove


Please feel free to email me with any enquires, Toni Dennis.

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