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 Brush leg feathering towards the paws and hold at base of pad.  Trim the bottom of the paws with your straight scissors trimming any excess feathering that is longer than the large pad of the paw.


Trim edges of feathering to enhance the underline shape of your Cocker Spaniel


 You want to achieve the look of a cats paw.  Once you have trimmed the edges with the straight scissors use your thinning scissors to blend in any sharp lines.



With Thinning Scissors trim the front legs to clean away excess hair to show off the front leg  leaving the feathering on the back of the front legs.


Trim bottom of the back paws as per the front.  Use your Thinning Scissors for trim the hock, being very careful not to cut too high and make the hock look long and undesirable.

Thinning Scissors will give you a more natural look.


Shape your dogs hindquarters using Thinning Scissors.  I recommend 2-3 cuts then brush and repeat this process so as to not cut too much out of the one area.  The aim is to show your dogs hindquarters/thighs and to have the feathering on the edges.


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