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Trimming of Ears


Using your #10 blade clip on the upper third of the ear, working with the lie of the hair. Ears are clipped both on inside and outside surfaces giving a smooth velvet appearance.

With a pair of straight scissors carefully trim any excess hair from the edge of the ear as far down as you have clipped.

Trimming and Thinning head

Excess hair on the head is removed by carefully using thinning scissors cutting with the lie of the hair.   Blend back of head with thinning scissors, this helps to enhance the crest in your dogs neck. 


Finish off with gently hand plucking the head.  Hand Plucking is done easier with a latex glove to help grip the coat, gently pulling hair one section at a time.  Some dogs may need to get used to this so small amounts of time are best.

Removing Whiskers


The Cocker Spaniel should have a 'clean face'.  This area should be smooth to show off your dogs well chiselled cheeks.
 With straight scissors remove whiskers. To remove any other excess facial hair use thinning scissors so as to not mark the coat. 


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