Toni is an ANKC approved Judge for Toy, Gundog (Sporting), Working Dogs (Herding), Non-Sporting Groups Internationally

Along with successfully showing/breeding my dogs I decided to take it to another level and learn about the other breeds out there and apply for my Judges License.

I am very proud to have obtained my Gundog, Non- Sporting, Hounds, Working Dogs and Toy Group Licences and am now able to award CC's to all Gundogs (Sporting Dogs), Hounds, Working (Herding), Non-Sporting and Toys Breeds at Championship Level world wide.

I have enjoyed judging breeds in these groups around Australia and Internationally including USA, UK (Windsor KC), New Zealand, Sweden, Ireland.

Please feel free to email me with any enquires, Toni Dennis.

Judging in Australia

I am very proud to have judged in various parts of Australia. It is so wonderful to judge such quality dogs in my own country.

Judging internationally

It is such an honour to be asked to judge overseas and I hold each and every appoinment close to my heart.

Judging USA National Specialty Sweepstakes

I was very honoured to have been asked to Judge the Sweepstakes at the English Cocker Spaniel National Specialty in the USA.  The appoinment meant so much to me and I enjoyed every minute judging the breed I love.

Judging Cocker Spaniels Windsor KC  UK

A huge honour to be asked to Judge the breed that I love and am devoted to, at the very prestigous Windsor Kennel Club, UK. I certainly enjoyed every minute judging my breed in the 'Mother Country' and loved the overall quality of the dogs presented to me.  A day I will hold dear to my heart.