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If you would like any further information about Us and/or our Dogs please feel free to contact us.    

We are currently  taking names for our waiting list. If you are after a particual colour or sex please let us know as this will save time in our enquiry process.  As a hobby breeder, we are selective about what dogs we breed and DNA test for heriditary issues available in our Breed.  
These being PRA, FN and AN.

We are happy to send our puppies to interstate homes and on occassions to some international homes, You can collect your puppy at a minimum of 8 weeks of age (as per ANKC regulations) however any puppies being flown Australia Wide are only flown at 10 weeks of age after they have had their 2nd vaccination.  For International Homes it is as per the international transport regulations.

Our dogs are based on quality blooldines from varoius countries including USA, UK, Serbia and based on English bloodlines, and are bred to the UK Breed Standard. 

LOCKYER VALLEY. qLD. australia

Ph: +61 417 606 227